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Expert Interview Series:
Josh Hewett of Top Form Fitness About Personal Training, Fitness Technology, and Helping People Improve Their Health Read More

Effective Fat Loss Habits by Josh Hewett
I believe a well-designed exercise program is integral to long term fat loss. However, exercise alone won't make you leaner. Nutrition is key. There is a popular saying that I agree with: “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” You can still gain fat due to poor eating habits. Read More

The Psychology of Strength by Josh Hewett
We’ve all heard similar sayings. Most successful athletes know that their mentality plays a strong role in their performance. Many recreational athletes and trainees also realize on some level that their thoughts and moods affect their workouts. But very few actually dedicate sufficient time to “train their brain”. Read More

Ten Benefits of Strength Training For Women By Josh Hewett
Regardless of whether I am training male or female clients, I approach their strength training program with a similar intensity. Of course there will be small variations in each individual‟s workout, but to get results both men and women need to participate in a serious strength training program as part of their overall exercise plan. Read More

Stretching - The Long and Short of It By Josh Hewett
It is generally well accepted dogma in the health and fitness industry (as in athletic conditioning) that stretching is an important part of a regular training program. We’ve been told that passive stretching will help prevent injury, improve performance, reduce DOMS, and should be part of a warm-up and cool-down. Read More

Fix Your FeetBy Josh Hewett
What if I told you that there is one neglected body part that you could strengthen which would lead to an increase in full body strength and mobility? It might not be what you expect. I'm talking about your FEET. Read more

Not All Pain Is Gain - Natural Pain Management Methods. By Josh Hewett
Aristotle called pain the "passion of the soul." Although we may not look at pain quite so romantically, it’s important to recognize that pain serves a constructive purpose. Pain is a warning signal that you may be in danger or at risk of injury. Read more

The Benefits of Resistance Training for Youth.By Josh Hewett
For years medical and exercise professionals as well as parents discouraged prepubescent youth from resistance training. The old school of thought was that strength training would damage the growth plates and retard or stunt children’s skeletal development. Read More

Get Off the Foam Roller. By Mike T Nelson, MS, CSCS
Foam rollers are common these days and can be found in every sports catalogue in various types, styles and colors. Many top coaches and trainers recommend their use by athletes of all types. Some people are even said to SLEEP with them. Read More

Foam Rollers Show No Increase in the Flexibility of the Hamstring Muscle Group. By Jacklyn K. Miller, Ashley M. Rockey
Flexibility is an essential component of injury prevention and rehabilitation. Stretching is important for reducing injuries, increasing performance and improving overall physical fitness. Over the years, many different stretching techniques have evolved. Read More

Questioning the Use of Foam Rollers. Are We Wasting Our Time? By Peter Chiasson
Far be it from me to suggest that the application of a particular exercise or therapeutic modality is good or bad; however, I do believe that we need to ask ourselves some logical questions before incorporating an exercise into our routine. Read More

Sport Specific Conditioning for Soccer: Train Like a Pro. By Josh Hewett
Soccer (also known as “football”) is one of the most popular sports in the world, with a growing number of enthusiasts and players world-wide. Despite this fact, strength and conditioning programs for soccer are often neglected or outdated. Read More

Preparing a Young Player for a Try Out to a Professional Club. By Clayton Rosario
Becoming a professional soccer player is not an easy task. Most importantly a player needs talent, secondly desire, and finally, mental toughness. During my 18 years of coaching I have come across a number of success stories and many disasters. Read More

The Complete Soccer Athlete. By Clayton Rosario
During the 16 years that I’ve been coaching youth soccer, I’ve had the fortune to see many great players develop and I’ve observed the qualities that are necessary to excel at this sport. Read More

The Top 10 Ways to Pack on Serious Mass. By Anthony Ricciuto B.Phed C.F.T. S.P.N. F.T. S.W.M.
Anthony works as a sports nutritionist working with a variety of professional athletes including bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters, strongmen, armwrestlers, football and hockey players, among others. Read More

Whole Food Nutrition for Athletes. By Josh Hewett
Nutrition and exercise are essential components of a healthy lifestyle yet few people consider how strongly they relate.
Proper nutrition can enhance physical performance and maximize benefits derived from exercise. Read More

Prevent Disease and Improve Fitness With Juice Plus. By Josh Hewett
With the prevalence of health issues such as heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and stroke, it’s obvious that there are huge nutritional gaps in the typical North American diet and they need to be filled immediately! Read More

The Truth About Balance Training.By Gary Rothbart
The purpose of this article is to examine the impact of balance training on sports performance, rehabilitation of sports-related injuries and the prevention of sports injuries for elite and amateur athletes. Read More

Beware of Injuries Associated With Yoga. By Gary Rothbart
Interestingly, I received an article from the American Council on Exercise recently with the heading Common Yoga Injuries and How to Avoid Them. For many years I have had concerns about some of the exercises that are performed during yoga routines. Read More

ŠTime Magazine - Thursday, October 4, 2007
By Pamela Paul
Amy Toosley was standing in a split pose when her yoga instructor gave her leg a little prod. "I heard the loudest pop I've ever heard, and the instructor said, 'Ooh! Good release, huh?'" Toosley recalls. "Not really--I could hardly walk." With her hamstring muscle snapped, Toosley, 32, avoided yoga for the next three months, and almost a year later, she is still in pain. Read More

Seasonal Flu Vaccine
Fairy Tale Rapidly Collapsing as the Truth Comes Out
By Mike Adams
Like a medical house of cards in an earthquake, the seasonal flu vaccine mythology is collapsing right before our eyes. After months of urging everyone to get vaccinated (and blaming non-vaccinated people for skipping out on their "public health obligation"), UK health authorities announced last week that "healthy people" were to blame for causing a vaccine shortage that they claim now threatens the lives of sick children. Read More